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    Toad-ally Awesome Toad Venom Testimonials



    **Psychedelics are currently Schedule I drugs which are NOT legal.   Our business partners with an entheogenic church (entheogenic means “God from within”) which is able to legally administer entheogenic plant medicines.  An entheogenic church is NOT a cult or affiliated with any specific denomination but encourages “parishioners” to worship as they please. No doubt, it is difficult to imagine a more powerfully religious/spiritual experience.

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    “This is my experience with toad venom therapy. One of the reasons why I decided to try this type of medicine therapy was to help me work through some areas of my life where I felt “stuck” as well as deal with anxiety which I’d had for approximately thirty years.  Before my appointment, I prepared at home with meditation and light exercise. Later, I arrived at the location where the ceremony would be performed.  Beforehand, all my questions were ordered by the shaman who led the ceremony. All my trepidation disappeared.  Per my request, my therapist stayed by my side the entire time which gave me a sense of comfort.  During the toad therapy, I never felt “high” or “out of control”.  I was aware of my surroundings and my experience.  I felt a great sense of peace, spirituality, and self-acceptance as well as shedding a few tears.  The toad venom experienced lasted approximately twenty minutes .  Immediately afterward I was so clear-minded, joyful, and also as if a veil had been lifted.   I couldn’t find the words to express exactly how wonderful I felt.  There were no after-effects.  Over the course of the following weeks, I continued to be clear-minded, but what astonished me was that the physical symptoms of my anxiety had disappeared.  I was educated that this therapy was not a cure-all that would occur over the next 24 hours but it’s a process that unraveled over the following months.  I highly recommend the Toad Venom therapy to anyone who struggles with difficult or painful areas of their life that may be holding them back.”




    “I’m moved by my experience and glad I faced some fears and had a moving journey. The initial experience is one of being immersed in complete love, joy, and peace. In my personal experience, I had images that gave me a deeper understanding of emotions. The most gratifying part of this experience occurred when the same life triggers occurred they were managed differently. Provoked moments are when I can truly see the immersed experience truly became a part of me and not just a pleasurable experience; rather a continued fulfilling journey of peace and love. Sometimes I will initially react with old habits but rather quickly willing to let go of my ego and make things right by exercising a more evolved thought process. I find myself dwelling within to navigate the broken world and people we share life’s journey with. I think of myself as compassionate toward others but I have even more compassion for the ones that cause chaos in my world due to their own pain creating brokenness. Almost like I can see the shackles that hold them back. Honestly, it’s something only to be experienced because there are not enough words to give you the full visual.”



    “Recently my wife and I had a 5-meo-DMT therapy journey.  While our journeys were very different, we both had life-changing experiences. Our journeys have brought us even closer and allowed both of us to continue our forward progression in our hope to obtain an overall level of wellness and to reconnect.  If you have been ‘called’ to join her, do not pass go.  She will facilitate a level of healing otherwise unattainable!  Thank you, Ashley, we are forever indebted to you!”

    Respectfully, B & E




    “The most profound experience that I’ve ever had.  Period.  The medicine has helped to open my experience to new depths of understanding and knowledge.  It has helped  to remolve my anixties and bouts with depression that weren’t curable in traditional clinical settings.  In my opinion, everyone should do the toad. Your life will change for the better and there is hope for a better tomorrow becaused I’ve experienced it for myself,  Thanks, Ashley ,for being brave and courageous enough to bring this experience to me.  Love you!”