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  • The Future of Trauma Therapy

    5-meo-DMT-assisted Psychedelic Trauma Therapy

    I’m so excited to share with you some mind-blowing information, quite literally.  In case you haven’t heard, the next wave in mental health is psychedelic-assisted therapy, and it has arrived here in Dallas.

    Initially when I heard about psychedelic-assisted therapy, it didn’t really appeal to me because it brought up notions of nausea and fear. But I was intrigued with the groundbreaking developments and eventually, about three years ago, I began to investigate plant medicine more in earnest.

    This is when I realized that plant medicine ceremonies have been healing people for thousands of years. The treatment involves serving hallucinogens such as psilocybin (‘magic mushrooms” aka “‘shrooms”), peyote, and ayahuasca. Ayahuasca contains the chemical DMT, which is also harvested from the bufo alvarius, a toad found in the Sonoran desert. In ayahuasca form, this brewed tea has a significantly longer effect on the user and comes with more undesirable side effects, such as purging.

    That’s why I specialize in “bufo” aka “toad venom” which is, in my opinion, a more desirable option. It is a short-acting yet incredibly powerful experience  which is considered both safe and effective.  Before you grab your party hat, let me reassure you that this is not a party kind of “trip”.  This is an internal deep dive, which simultaneously transports you to your innermost psyche and sends you to space and the heavens beyond.

    Although I was skeptical, I decided to give it a try because I had witnessed the profound and lasting transformation it had on a dear friend of mine.

    So, I went for it, and in short, it changed my life.  

    I was immediately blown away.

    You can see the video footage from my indescribable journey here.With the possible exception of the births of my children, I have never had such a powerful experience.

    There are so many exciting things about this new way to treat mental health issues. It has lasting and effective research-backed outcomes such as an improved sense of well-being for even treatment-resistant depression. It also treats OCD and severe addiction.   

    Let me briefly summarize how psychedelics work. Imagine your brain as a snow-covered mountain and the skiers as your thoughts, embedding themselves deeper into the snow, just like your repetitive thoughts become well-worn grooves in your mind. These thoughts and behaviors become a cycle with patterns that are hard to change from years of wiring and firing those pathways. The grooves are so entrenched that it becomes difficult to create new ways of thinking and behaving.  The psychedelic acts as a fresh coat of snow to cover those previous tracks of ingrained habits and allow new, varied, and diverse patterns to occur. Your brain is suddenly communicating in ways that it hasn’t communicated before because novel pathways are being created. This is huge! In more technical language, the psychedelic is acting to increase synaptic connectivity and also increase neuronal growth.  (This is why DMT is being used with stroke victims and MMA fighters to increase neuroplasticity)

    .Check out this clip about what others have to say about DMT. 

    Or you can learn more here!

    Groundbreaking Therapeutic Benefits

    Psychedelics, and in particular, my specialty of bufo alvarius,(“bufo”) have a multitude of benefits.  The first is that the deep subconscious is being accessed, unlike SSRIs which only treat depressive symptoms, and fail to address the root of the problem itself. The second feature is that it allows the user to experience a vastly deeper sense of connection to self and spirituality which is both powerful and extraordinary.  This indescribable experience will undoubtedly be something that you will remember for the rest of your life.  It’s truly transformative.  There aren’t many things that promise instantaneous results, but bufo/toad venom/DMT delivers in a big way.  

    And now is your chance to experience something that heals the past and creates a new future.

    The importance of DMT-assisted therapy

    Introducing “Kiss the Toad” Bufo Trauma Healing Ceremonies. It is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience full of connection, healing, and transformation.  

    We are currently offering one format for your therapeutic preparation and post-ceremonial integration.

    It’s a symbolic end and a new beginning. It is a time to turn the page of the past and to embrace the future. It won’t be all fun and games.  We will work together in a safe, supportive environment to let go of things from your past and discover ways to lay a new foundation for the future.  You are not required to share anything that you don’t want to and may choose to mostly listen.

    Whether you are attending by yourself as part of an individual personal journey, with a partner/family member or a group of friends, this will make an impact. This is truly life-changing!

    I answer some FAQ’s here.



    Saturday, September 16, 2023

    Saturday, October 14, 2023

    Sunday, October 15, 2023

    Saturday, November 12, 2023

    Sunday, November 13, 2023


    8:00AM – approximately noon


    Special Event pricing:

    $350.00 Bufo Alvarius ceremony with a trained shaman/medicine man


    $125.00 follow-up integration session with licensed therapist in a centrally located, convenient upscale location in Dallas


    $475.00 total

    Time to be determined depending on number of participants.  You will be contacted closer to the event regarding specific times.


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