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    What People are Saying

    “As an adherent of Ashley’s listening ear and relatable advice, I would highly recommend her gifts and skill set.

    When you seek a Life Coach, you want someone who you can feel comfortable being transparent with. With that said, you also want advice and encouragement that you can actually put into action! During a difficult time of my life, Ashley’s words, which turned into my action plan, were always at the forefront of my mind. It was an enlightening feeling to finally follow her advice and see the results!

    She was right, and once my humanity acquiesced and she held me accountable, it was life-changing to see how my journey took a positive turn! I am a huge fan!”

    “I highly recommend Ashley as a love/relationship coach.

    She’s helped me to realize what is truly important in my relationship and what isn’t. I was nit-picking at almost every aspect of my relationship, wanting it to be perfect, and in doing so it was going downhill.

    Now everything is going great and I couldn’t be happier.”


    “Ashley has not only been a wonderful confidant, she has given expert advice on dating, relationships, and life.

    She helped me through a difficult transition in my life and with her words of wisdom and advice, I was able to regain balance in my life again. Her thought-provoking questions on my behavior patterns shed light on how I can mentally adjust my mind to ultimately gain the results I was looking for. She is very easy to talk to and understands what women go through in today’s dating world. Through her own trials and tribulations, she is willing to share her story in order to help others in their journey. I highly recommend Ashley as a relationship/life coach and am extremely grateful for her help in my personal experiences.

    I practice her philosophy still today and live a balanced happy life full of love.”

    “Ashley Evans is one of the most admirable women I know.


    She helped me through a difficult break-up by making me feel empowered as ayoung woman and by helping me understand that my feelings and emotions were completely normal and part of life. She really has gift of understanding others and is the best listener. She truly understood what I was going through.

    I know that if I ever need anything I can call or text her at any time of day She is the most genuine person I know!


    “Ashley is so positive and uplifting. Through her story, she shares how one should never settle and helps coach her clients through those experiences.

    She’s got a unique perspective on life that’s helped her achieve her dreams and enables her client to do the same.”


    “Ashley has keen insight into relationships.

    She has helped me navigate the difficult path dating post-divorce. Whether you are trying to figure out how to start dating or what to do in a relationship, I would highly recommend her to male and female clients.

    Dr. M (male)

    Are you familiar with the song by Lauv “I Like Me Better”

    …when I’m with you?

    Well, this stands true the moment when Ashley Evans started to give me her perspective on how I was handling my love life situations. I’m that girl that everyone says is so pretty, strong, talented, kind, hard working, and could have anyone she wanted. What’s crazy is, I married my true love in 2008 who ended up being a porn addict and we divorced 8 months later. Sad right? Then two years later, I marry again thinking this older, strong man and I are going to have beautiful children and a profitable cancer business. Well, let’s just say that narcissist married me for my family’s money, and it took 5 years to get him to finally step away from the business and divorce me. Just when you think I’ve learned my lesson with these “type” of men, I quickly go and date a married man who promises me he’s separated and getting a divorce. I’m embarrassed to say I stayed hoping and praying that would be true for 3 years. Side note…he’s still married. Ashley came into my life at the time I knew that relationship was over but desperately needed help moving on or I would have been sucked right back in. She was able to guide me in a way no other therapist has. She didn’t care about my past, upbringing or situations. She only focused on making me feel like the awesome girl everyone was seeing on the outside. She would text, call, offer books, instagram quotes, happy hour and even opened up about her journey in life. She was given to me by God, I have no doubt. I am 11 weeks out from my last break up and I’ve never felt more powerful and peaceful as a woman. If you’re lucky enough to be ready to listen to her advice, you’ll be better than you ever thought you could be. Those last 12 years were rough for me and my family. As the song goes, “I like me better when I’m with you”!

    Thank you Ashley Evans for helping me love myself again and for bringing that love back into my family and friends.

    “Ashley’s coaching has helped me gain insights to myself and make important changes that are impacting my personal and professional life in substantive ways. She is able to both challenge and support me in ways that let me know she is totally in my corner. Ashley’s razor sharp mind combined with her deep emotional intelligence pays big dividends to her clients.
    She is a healer, an educator and a change agent. Time spent with Ashley as a professional coach is time very well spent.”

    Dr. Don Hebbard, Therapist of 39 years, Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy

    Ashley is such a wonderful person with a warm and welcoming character. I felt extremely comfortable opening up to her, which isn’t easy for me, and she made me feel normal, understood, and valid. She’s helped me find coping mechanisms, thought process changes, and views of myself to build my confidence/self-esteem and relationships with my significant other and parents. She has given me great worksheets to fill out and form goals, and follows up with asking how I’ve done with accomplishing/improving the outcomes. I’m beyond grateful I chose her as my therapist to help with my depression, body dysmorphia/lack of confidence, worrisome/anxiety, and OCD, as she has done an immense job of making me feel heard and boosts me all the time, even if I still don’t see it. I always look forward to my sessions with her.

    E.N., 19 (female)

    Hi Ashley,
    I don’t know if you remember me but I was seeing you last summer to help me with my divorce. Reason I’m reaching out is to give you a huge thank you because you did help me very much, and it was very important to me. I’m doing so much better now, and you had a lot to do with that, I want to refer you to friends if anyone goes through something similar.