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  • Relationship and Sex Therapy

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    Who I Am and What I Do

    I’m Ashley Evans, a licensed trauma-focused therapist serving clients across Texas. I work out of my Dallas-based office seeing clients both in-person and by telehealth. I work with a wide variety of people on a wide variety of issues. I love what I do and I love helping people.  The truth is that we can all use a little help sometimes. I have a heart for connecting with others and a calm, laid-back disposition. I employ EMDR, brainspotting, and CBT as primary modalities in the office.

    Your time with me is your safe space, your opportunity to share what’s on your mind, and for us to explore what is getting in the way of you being your “best self”. Maybe you question why you stay with a narcissist or why you repeatedly return to the partner who isn’t good for you. Maybe you wonder if you’ll ever break out of the same habits, or get motivated to follow that long-lost dream. Maybe you wonder where the romance went and want to deepen intimacy and connection with your partner.Perhaps you are considering making a big change in your life or you’ve had an unwelcome decision made for you. Maybe you’ve let yourself down or are beating yourself up for something you said. Whatever the case, rest assured that you aren’t alone. It’s ok to cuss, to cry and to laugh in the therapy room, and sometimes even all at once.

    Sex, Drugs, and (Let’s) Rock and Roll?

    Although I work with clients struggling with sex (lack of intimacy, loss of libido, discrepancy in desire, love/sex/porn addiction, sexuality, and relationships) and plant medicine psychedelic trauma healing therapy utilizing DMT “toad venom”), I can assure you that I am serious about the matter at hand, which is helping you heal from your trauma or relationship wounds and realize your very best authentic self.  

    I look forward to meeting you!