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  • Therapy For Teens

    • Does your teen feel anxious about friendships?
    • Is your teen struggling with how to navigate “the crowd” but stay true to his/her values?
    • Do you worry about your teen being self-reliant?
    • Does social media give your teen anxiety?
    • Do you or your teen have a difficult time being assertive?
    • Has your home been taken over by battles and drama?
    • Do you struggle to communicate with your teen when things used to be so easy?
    • Do you and your teen feel hopeless, isolated or neglected?

    Teenagers today are in a very unique position. Teens bridge the gap between child and young adult with a host of not only the usual internal hormonal stressors, but now a continuous barrage of societal messages continuously reminding us that perfection is always just around the corner.

    We run in a perpetual cycle where we never measure up…if we so allow it. Coupled with the effects of helicopter parenting and the pressure of social perfection, it can be scary to rely on your own abilities when help has always been so plentiful. Feeling anxious, or even terrified, at relying on your own choices, efforts and goals can feel like a daunting task.

    Sometimes teens even find it tempting to self-sabotage despite knowing the “right” thing to do. Imagine having the tools to discern the necessary response and to feel not only comfortable and at peace, but even satisfied and proud of your choices.

    Imagine being able to speak up for yourself in a way that is respectful and honors the essence of who you are, while staying focused on your goals and feeling less impact from social media, cyberbullying, and peer pressure.

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