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  • Five Tips To Rid Yourself Of The Social Pressure That Limits Your Life


    We’re all limited to some extent by the need for approval or admiration of others. More accurately, we’re motivated by the fear of being judged harshly by others.

    All limitations are frustrating, but it’s much more frustrating when the limits are self-imposed. We all want to live a life free of social pressure.

    Here’s how you could do just that:

    • Learn to control your breathing. All anxiety is ultimately self-created. You have to think negative thoughts in order to worry about what others are thinking.
    • Stay 100% focused on the task. If you can do that, anxiety becomes a thing of the past. Learn to direct your thoughts and maintain your focus.
    • Gain some perspective. The social fears you had as a child probably seem silly now. Likewise, the ones you have now won’t matter years from now.
    • Life is too short to let others dictate your actions.
    • Practice. Instead of tackling the most stressful situations, start small. Share your opinion on the movie you just saw. Change your style of dress a little at a time.
    • Develop a hierarchy and work your way down the list.
    • Set Goals. What do you dream of doing but avoid because you fear the judgment of others? Is it getting a tattoo? Singing karaoke? Writing a novel?
    • Have a goal that excites you and create the necessary steps to get there. Having a goal can keep your plans on track during those times you struggle.
    • Use Affirmations. Affirmations can be very helpful if they’re used daily.
    • A simple affirmation like, “I sing karaoke confidently and enthusiastically” can have a strong effect if repeated 100 times each day.
    • Right before bed and upon awakening seem to be the most effective times.

    Are you allowing the opinions of others to keep you from living your life to the fullest? Do you find yourself making decisions to impress or satisfy others? Take the necessary steps to reduce the social pressure present in your life. Life is short. Be certain you’re living the life you deserve.

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